Our Mission: Making SENSE of Meds ™

Cost Savings. Direct Patient Care. Personalized Touch. That’s the Pill Pals Way!

pexels edward jenner 4031690Pill Pals Express Pharmacy is a Pharmacy Membership Club created by Felicia Eddings Pharm.D. We were born out of a strong desire to ensure that patients understood their meds. As a licensed and Board Certified Clinical Pharmacist with experience in several different patient environments, Felicia was concerned that patients were not getting the answers they needed. Most Pharmacists were too busy to provide full counseling or help to patients. This created a gap in both adherence and compliance. At Pill Pals Express Pharmacy, we aim to close that gap. Our services are unbiased. We’re not funded by PBMs, Insurance, or the Government. We’re funded by individual patients just like YOU!

At Pill Pals Express Pharmacy, we make SENSE of meds™