Low Dose Aspirin 81mg —30 Count Tablet — for Adults and Children 12 years and over — Generic For Bayer Low Dose — Time Cap Labs


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Prescription Aspirin is available by prescription only. Go ahead and place your purchase. After making payment, we will ensure that a valid prescription is received from your prescriber

pill pass picture pill palsYour Serving of Wellness … Whether it’s minor pain relief or a doctor-recommended aspirin regimen, Timely 81mg low dose aspirin tablets are up to the task.
Shop Smart and Save Big … Don’t spend a small fortune on just the label. Our 81mg aspirin low dose tablets give you National Brand equivalency at a fraction of the price. That’s efficacy priced right.
Keep Tummy Issues at Bay … Thanks to the enteric coating, our low dose aspirin moves safely through your stomach into the small intestine. This means your stomach is protected, even on a doctor-recommended aspirin regimen.
For All Those Minor Aches and Pains … Aspirin 81mg for adults temporarily relieves minor aches and pains. And because its coating makes swallowing easier, sticking to your doctor-recommended regimen became a whole lot easier.
We’re Obsessed with Quality … It’s what guides us through every stage of production. 3rd party tested and made to exacting standards, Timely 81mg aspirin coated tablets never cut corners when it comes to your wellbeing.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 in

30 Count


81 MG




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