Molecular drug testing services are sprouting up nationwide to examine patients’ medications for compatible chemistry to, in turn, avoid adverse reactions in patients and, as a consequence, hospital emergency room visits.

One such drug testing service, Natural Molecular Testing Corporation in Renton, Wash., offers personalized medication information for patients and tests drugs for medication sensitivity.

The process determines if certain prescriptions achieve the right physiological fit between them and patients.

The tests examine enzymes that disintegrate and start the effect of drugs in a patient’s liver. Enzymes vary in type. Based on the types of enzymes, a doctor can learn which drugs work best for a patient and which ones don’t.

Drug-related complications are the main rationale for patient emergency room visits. Testing services like Natural Molecular help avert such conditions.

For patients undergoing surgery, the tests can decrease the odds of a drug-related complications during particular kinds of operations. Such complications can endanger a patient’s life.

The tests have a lasting effect as their results are count towards the rest of the life of a patient and any drugs a patient may take in the future.

For most tests, technicians swab the inside of a patient’s cheek and the contents are processed in a laboratory.

Based on the outcomes, the drugs in question are fitted to suit a patient’s body. A patient’s insurance provider is billed for the costs of the tests.

Within two to five days, his or her doctor have access to the test results. Natural Molecular gives a patient an ID card to allow him or her to take his or her test results with them as they consult with other physicians.


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