CCO Vows To Spread Pharmacy’s Message About Clarity, Drug Affordability

Vladimire Herard has been promoted to Chief Communications Officer of Pill Pals Express Pharmacy.

Herard assumes Pill Pals’ new top public relations post days before the independent, community pharmacy is due to make its launch in Missouri the week of Labor Day and expand to three to four branch locations in both states.

She is the first to grab the helm of the pharmacy’s major communications functions and will be responsible for crafting and conveying the company’s overall message about achieving clarity on drug and device safety and efficacy issues, medicinal counseling and affordability for patients.

This will include generating and producing such content as news articles, press releases, social media content and research material for the pharmacy and the entire Health Pals Company network.

Herard comes to the new role with her background in providing public relations leadership to medical and education firms like the Pharm Psych Network since September 2013. She brings to this capacity 28 years of experience as a newspaper and newsletter journalist and a freelance writer of online and offline content.

Over the years, Herard has written and edited about education, nonprofits and youth guidance and such medical topics as the field of pharmacy, senior long-term and short-term care, aging issues, substance abuse treatment and prevention funding, community health, federal health insurance and food and drug safety.

Her outlets include the newsletter chains Inside Washington Publishers and CD Publications and online publications like the National Senior Living Providers Network, and the Guidance Channel.

Herard has covered education, crime, county affairs, community development and political elections for the daily newspapers the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Defender, the Syracuse Post-Standard, Syracuse Herald-America, and the wire service States News Service.

Pill Pals Express Pharmacy is a pharmacy membership club designed to save patients money. Employers can create customized prescription benefits for their employees. Individual patients may purchase a membership in return for a lifetime of savings.

The pharmacy and its mobile device app were founded and created by Dr. Felicia Eddings, Pharm D. “out of a strong desire to ensure that patients understood their meds” and is excited about opening day.

“As a licensed clinical pharmacist with experience in several different patient environments, I was concerned that patients were not getting the answers they need,” Eddings said. “Most pharmacists are too busy to provide full counseling or help to patients. And many patients cannot afford their meds. This creates a gap in both adherence and compliance. At Pill Pals, we aim to close that gap.”

Pill Pals Express Pharmacy is a division of the Health Pals Company. Health Pals is an integrated health system providing medical services to the general public. Business sectors include pharmacy services, home health, telemedicine and medical information technology.

Contact: Health Pals, Pill Pals, national phones, 855.816.PALS (7257), 855.407.PALS (7257), national fax, 855.746.PALS (7257), e-mail: [email protected]

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